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A word about adopting a rescued dog:

Health questions: Dogs picked up as strays or turned in to shelters come with little or no health history. Every dog taken in to our rescue is seen and evaluated by a vet before being made available for adoption. All dogs are made current on vaccinations and tested for Lyme Disease and heartworms.  We are pleased to announce that we are now working with Hunt Valley Animal Hospital - www.huntvalleyanimalhospital.com - a state of the art facility with a group practice located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  We can make no health guarantees beyond what the vet is able to find on physical examination.  We endeavor to disclose all health information that is available to adopters.  Owner-surrendered dogs come with as much health history as is available and all health history on these dogs is revealed to adopters. 

 FeesWe ask for adoption donations on every dog we place with no exceptions.  Fees may be reduced for geriatric or special needs dogs. 100% of the fees collected for our dogs go to pay the vet bills of the dogs to help get them into loving homes. 

 Children: Our rule of thumb when placing rescued dogs in homes with small children is to err on the side of extreme caution.  We prefer not to place a small Poodle (Toy or Mini) in a home with small children.  We prefer not to place a Standard Poodle in a home with children under the age of 6. We will accept and review applications and can make decisions based on home visits with the child or children present.

 Fences : Our preference is to place a rescued dog in a home with a fully fenced yard; however our goal is to place dogs in homes. We will consider each circumstance with the best interest of the people and the dogs uppermost in mind. 





Here are Bart and his best fried, Beanie.  Bart is a male Standard Poodle and Beanie is a female flat-coated retriever mix .  They could not go with their military owners who were deployed overseas.  We want to place them together as they have been together all their lives and have been through enough upheaval.  They are healthy, neutered/spayed and current on vaccines.  They are sweet and gentle. They get along with all adults and children.  Adoption donation for the pair - $500.

Inquiries to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org.   


Parker is a Shiba Inu/Border Collie mix looking for a home of his own.  He is a young, playfyuul, high energy guy.  He will need a home with a fenced yard and no small children.  He has been lovingly fostered by the same kind people who are fostering Bart and Beanie.  Adoption fee - to cover vet bills only. Inquiries to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org 


 MAPR has a number of Poodles waiting to come into the program including several Standards.  We will be going through existing applications.  If you are interested in adopting, please get back in touch or send an application in. 

Thank you! 

We prefer to have applications in advance so that when we take in dogs from owners or shelters, we can place them in homes as soon as possible. 

Thanks for considering Rescue!!



Boomer and Sadie are littermates. Their owner died very suddenly leaving the extended family to cope with this sudden loss and a handicapped child.  The family reached out to MAPR and asked for our help in finding a new home for the Poodles.  They are 6 years old and in excellent health. They are spayed and neutered and current on all vaccines.  Boomer weighs 80 pounds and Sadie weighs 53, so these are Standard Poodles on the larger size.  Because they have lost so much in such a short period of time, we are committed to placing them together.  They have lived with a handicapped child and are very gentle.  Inquiries to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org  Adoption donation $600


Inquiries about available dogs to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org

Click here to download an adoption application.

The adoption application is a Word document. Fill in the form completely, save it in Word then email it back to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org.  Applications are acknowledged as soon as possible.  Incomplete applications are difficult to evaluate.  Thank you.


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