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A word about adopting a rescued dog. Plese read before applying:

Health questions: Dogs picked up as strays or turned in to shelters come with little or no health history. Every dog taken in to our rescue is seen and evaluated by a vet before being made available for adoption. All dogs are made current on vaccinations and tested for Lyme Disease and heartworms.  They are spayed or neutered.  We can make no health guarantees beyond what a veterinarian is able to find on physical examination.  We endeavor to disclose all health information that is available to adopters.  Owner-surrendered dogs come with as much health history as is available and all health history on these dogs is revealed to adopters. 

 FeesWe ask for adoption donations on every dog we place with no exceptions.  Fees may be reduced for geriatric or special needs dogs. 100% of the fees collected for our dogs go to pay the vet bills of the dogs to help get them into loving homes. 

 Children: Our rule of thumb when placing rescued dogs in homes with small children is to err on the side of extreme caution.  We prefer not to place a small Poodle (Toy or Mini) in a home with small children.  We prefer not to place a Standard Poodle in a home with children under the age of 6. We will accept and review applications and can make decisions based on home visits with the child or children present.

 Fences : Our preference is to place a rescued dog in a home with a fully fenced yard; however our goal is to place dogs in homes. We will consider each circumstance with the best interest of the people and the dogs uppermost in mind. 






  Wonderful Bailey was surrendered to the local shelter where we rescued him. What a sweetheart!  He greets us every day with a toy in his mouth; he just loves to play. He loves to give big hugs. He would do best in an active family with a fenced yard so he can run and play. Bailey is neutered, HW and tick disease negative, current on all vaccines and microchipped.

Inquiries for this great boy are welcome. Adoption fee - $650.



Although Meeko came to us several months ago, we are just now posting her for adoption as she was not ready for adoption. But she is now! What a transfromation! From a dog quite literally scared of her own shadow, to a happy, friendly girl. She has progressed so much.  She may still have some leftover fears (loud trucks when out walking frighten her; they frighten me too!) but she is good with people, good for grooming. As with all rescued dogs, time, patience and love are the keys. Meeko is almost 3 years old, has been spayed, is current on all vaccines, and HW/tick negative. She lived with another dog in her previous home and gets along with other dog; she may do best in a home with another stable dog to model.

Inquiries welcome. Adoption fee $650 


Beau is an 8 year old neutered male Standard Poodle. He is current on all vaccines, HW/Tick negative. He is sweet,friendly and playful. He previously was an emotional support dog for a woman who sadly could no longer care for him.

Inquiries welcome. Adoption fee $450 


Charlie Brown is a 6 year old neutered male parti-colored Standard Poodle. He is everyone's favorite and has never met a stranger. He loves everyone and everything.  He is current on all vaccines and HW/tick negative. He is good for grooming and likes his fancy "mohawk" style clip. He is good with other dogs with the possible exception of small males. If he has a fault, it is a tendency to chew up leashes, so the simple solution is to keep them out of reach!

Inquiries welcome. Adoption fee $650. 



Emma and Harper are best friends. They were surrendered to rescue by an older person who had too many dogs and could no longer care for them. They are a little bit shy, but warm up very quickly and vye for your attention when playing with them. They are fully vetted, current on all vaccines, HW negative. They were potty pad trained for in the house. We will not separate them as they have been together their entire lives. They are 6 years old. Inquiries welcome. Adoption fee $450 (for the pair).


Super cute Ollie is a Toy boy. We estimate his age to be between 8-10. He has a lot of his teeth! And they are in good condition!! He is sweet and friendly, and pretty lively. He seems to get along with other dogs. He is fully vetted, current on all vaccines, HW negative. He loves to go on walks. He is immaculately clean in his crate.  Inquiries welcome. Adoption fee $200

 More Poodles Coming Soon.





See our Poodles !! If you have already sent in an application and are still interested in adopting, send a message to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org  and let us know.

We have had some challeges within the group but are moving ahead. Thanks for your patience.





 We will refer interested applicants to reputable breeders of health tested purebred dogs if they would like a puppy. 

We believe that everyone who wants one, and can care for one, should have a Poodle, but we recognize that Rescued dogs may not be right for everyone.

 Please do not ask us for a referral for mixed breed (labradoodle, goldendoodle, etc) puppies. We will only refer people to breeders of purebred Poodles from health-tested parents. We rescue mixed breed dogs because it is not the dog's fault it was born. But we will not support mercenary people who produce mixed breed dogs.  There are too many mixed breed dogs in shelters who often never get a home.

We prefer to have applications in advance so that when we take in dogs from owners or shelters, we can place them in homes as soon as possible. 

Thanks for considering Rescue!!

Inquiries about available dogs to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org

Click here to download an adoption application.

The adoption application is a Word document. Fill in the form completely, save it in Word then email it back to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org.  Applications are acknowledged as soon as possible. We apologize, but we are currently running about 4 weeks behind. If you see a dog that touches your heart, send us a message!! Please note: incomplete applications are difficult to evaluate.  Thank you.


 Zoe has been adopted. She will be staying nearby and we hope to see her often.





Sweet, lovely Darcy found a home with "family" so we will see her often! 









 We are so pleased to report that Beau found the most wonderful perfect home. We hear back from his new owners and wish him the very best forever life. We are so proud for him!



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