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Puppy mill rescues

If you are interested in going on a waiting list for adopting a dog from MAPR, please download and return the application on this page below.  There will be an adoption donation for every dog.  The required donation will be discussed with applicants for individual dogs.  Applicants are pre-screened so that when a Poodle comes into our Rescue, we can get the dog placed quickly and thereby lessen the stress to the dog. 
For Standard Poodles, we usually will require a fenced yard.  Standards are bigger and need room to stretch out and run, preferably off lead, so a safe, enclosed space is essential.  It is not uncommon for rescued dogs to refuse to potty on-lead, making a fence essential for the dog's comfort and to decrease frustration by the new owners.  But, nice long leashed walks are good for them too!  The smaller varieties, Miniatures and Toys, do fine with regular leashed walks.  Suitable dogs for condominiums and apartments, we will not require a fenced yard for the Toys and Minis.  We do not routinely adopt dogs to homes with electric fences but will gladly discuss each applicant's individual sitution.  Our goal is to find homes for dogs, not put roadblocks in the way!
We may require a home visit and we will check references.  
The application process begins with a completed form.  Next, a member of MAPR will call you by telephone for a brief conversation.  Then references are checked.  The last step before adoption is the home visit, if necessary.  
Applications are kept on file and reviewed periodically.  We will check back with applicants as often as practical or until a dog is adopted from us or the applicant tells us they have found a dog.   

Please tell us on the application if you are ready to adopt or not.  Dogs are not placed on a first-come, first-served basis.  They are placed with everyone's best interests in mind.  If two applications happen to be fairly equal, the earliest dated application will be offered the dog.
We will keep in touch with all adopters as time progresses.  We are the Rescuers of the dog you adopt from us and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Poodles in rescue are different. They have been through a lot.  They may have gotten lost and been taken to an animal shelter.  They may have been raised in a puppy mill and never known kindness.  They may have had their world turned upside down when the people who once owned them could no longer take care of them and sent them to a shelter or to our rescue group.  The dogs may seem aloof or skittish.  They all are frightened.  They all want someone to love them.    An adopter must be prepared to give these dogs time and space.  In return for their effort, adopters will be rewarded with the unconditional love and eternal gratitude of a poodle in need. 

Click here to download an adoption application.

 Return applications to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org

If you are an owner of a dog that you must surrender to Rescue, please contact us by email and we will send forms to you.  Once you receive the forms, please tell us everything you know about the dog:  how does it get along with children? cats? other dogs? men?  Has the dog ever bitten anyone or anything (like another animal)? When was the last rabies vaccination?  Has the dog been tested for heartworms and is it on heartworm preventative?  To help you and help the dog, we need to know as much as possible about the dog. We need as much information as possible in order to be able to be open and honest with adopters about any dog they take from us.  To request information on dogs that must be surrendered, please send an email to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org

Before and after grooming picture of a Standard Poodle picked up as a stray

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