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A word about adopting a rescued dog. Please read before applying:

Health questions: Dogs picked up as strays or turned in to shelters come with little or no health history. Every dog taken in to our rescue is seen and evaluated by a vet before being made available for adoption. All dogs are made current on vaccinations and tested for Lyme Disease and heartworms. They are spayed or neutered. We can make no health guarantees beyond what a veterinarian is able to find on physical examination. We endeavor to disclose all health information that is available to adopters. Owner-surrendered dogs come with as much health history as is available and all health history on these dogs is revealed to adopters.

Fees: We ask for adoption donations on every dog we place with no exceptions. Fees may be reduced for geriatric or special needs dogs. 100% of the fees collected for our dogs go to pay the vet bills of the dogs to help get them into loving homes.

Children: Our rule of thumb when placing rescued dogs in homes with small children is to err on the side of extreme caution. We prefer not to place a small Poodle (Toy or Mini) in a home with small children. We prefer not to place a Standard Poodle in a home with children under the age of 6. We will accept and review applications and can make decisions based on home visits with the child or children present.

Fences : Our preference is to place a rescued dog in a home with a fully fenced yard; however our goal is to place dogs in homes. We will consider each circumstance with the best interest of the people and the dogs uppermost in mind.

Location: Most of our Poodles are located in the Baltimore area. Meet and greets are scheduled for the convenience of the volunteers and the potential adopters, usually on weekends but week day times are available.

Like many Rescue groups across the country, MAPR has had many challenges associated with the COVID-19 situation. Early in the year, we were in lockdown mode. Although dogs still needed help, we were unable to allow meet and greets. As time progressed, and managing social contact became possible, we have been able to get some of our dogs adopted, but it seems like everyone in the country wants a cockapoo! Just a reminder, dogs are what they are when they come into Rescue. We care for them, work with them, try to give them what they need but we cannot make them be other than what they are; and very few are cockapoos.



To the many applicants for Reggie, thank you for your inquiries. We were looking for and hoping for a home for Reggie with children and we found that home for him. We wish all of them well.

We will keep all applications on file. Feel free to stay in touch.


Hershey has been adopted. Thanks to all who inquired about this darling little guy. 


Lucy will be coming into the program soon. She was recently diagnosed with Addison's Disease.

Inquiries welcome - cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org 


Emmie is a 3 year old spayed female Goldendoodle. She was surrendered by her owner because she was too strong for the little children in the house; she weighs 50+ pounds. She is current on all vaccines, HW and tick-borne disease free. She potties on lead. is friendly and happy, gets along with other dogs and all people. She has a very high prey drive, mainly observed when she sees birds of any kind. This type of prey drive often translates to anything fast moving - cats, squirrels, etc. There is no question that SHE SHEDS. She would do well in a home with older children and a fenced yard.

Adoption Fee $750   Inquiries to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org 

No photos yet

Young cream colored Standard Poodle male - needs training, very bouncy

Young sable colored Standard Poodle male - shy at first  



Chad is a young neutered male Standard Poodle. He is current on all vaccines. He needs a home with people who are experienced with Standard Poodles and a fenced yard. He gets along with other dogs and likes people.

Adoption fee $750

Inquiries to cindy@midatlanticpoodlerescue.org


This website recently experienced a catastrophic event and pages were lost. 

We are working to restore the pages.

Barney, Sherman & Benny and the unnamed female poodle-mix have all been adopted.


Finding good homes for good dogs
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